28 July 2020

Dna, in a collaboration with interior designers @futur2estudio, unveils the construction of Cala Tarida Residential Complex, with 149 Luxury villas and private swimming pools, just next to the beach of Cala Tarida in the municipality of Sant Josep in Ibiza. The location represents a quiet paradise with turquoise sea and with a beach, situated just 5 min away from the complex, allowing guests to relax and disconnect.

Every detail and material of this contemporary complex is well thought to offer maximum comfort, convenience and cosiness. The combination of light colors, natural woods and pure lines creates a bright, timeless and natural residential set of buildings where the selection of furniture and decorations combine simplicity and freshness giving warmth and elegance to the space.


27 July 2020

DNA unveils “Cocoon Hotel & resort”, Tulum, Mexico- a new concept of eco-tourism, and a great opportunity of connection with Nature, Community, Ourselves, inspired by the sea and the exotic forest. The project consists of 46.181 m2 offering 3 residential and 2 hotel buildings “COCOON” with 204 apartments and 167 rooms as well as 16 private villas.

Every feature serves to give a unique experience and create a magical place for the guest, at the same time making him identify what is Mexico. The complex offers luxury community spaces integrated into nature such as jungle gardens, magical outdoor living spaces-villas, multipurpose pavilion, indoor community spaces, leisure areas, restaurant, and a panoramic Nest with unrestricted and breath-taking views. All to achieve a wide vocabulary of visual elements to mutate into designing language, in materials and shapes, for a bio-mimicry architecture.

DNA´s objective was to achieve the balance between mind-body-soul providing a true escape from everyday life, allowing maximum disconnection and relaxation and that´s why spa-wellness, saunas, and community swimming pools were carefully developed and became an important part of this project. The idea was to create “Cenotes”- natural freshwater ponds, to which the Mayans gave a sacred use, thus allowing to experience the real Mayan´s rituals.

DNA makes an emphasis on sustainability concept respecting ecosystem and biodiversity, contributing to the usage of natural materials that minimizes the impact of building and generation of waste. The water collection concept is also respected and represents a recovery of rainwater for sewage treatment. The solar panels are implemented to achieve sustainable electricity. Finally, the “dry” construction system is used, meaning no wet binders, shorter execution time, and increased safety and sustainability.


24 July 2020

Latest international news …..! DNA Barcelona Architects has signed a collaboration agreement with ZAMA DESARROLLOS, the largest and most prestigious real estate developer group of sustainable and integrated environments of Mexico, located in Tulum. Together they will promote “COCOON” in Selvazama, a totally innovative, aesthetical and technological hotel and residential project.

Inspired by the primordial sensation of the nest and the need of protection,  DNA designed a space where people feel embraced, protected, giving a possibility to reconnect with the inner self or with the community.

The project represents a complex of 46.181 m2 consisting of 3 residential and 2 hotel buildings “COCOON” with 204 apartments and 167 rooms as well as 16 private villas.

The concept was born with the intention of offering guests a space full of luxury and comfort, that provides a true escape from everyday life, with the main  objective to disconnect the wide range of services orientated to personal relaxation and leisure which coexist.Cocoon bases its design on communion between the natural environment and natural inspiration geometry.

Each Cocoon represents itself a community that goes out to the central zone where the swimming pool is located by way of “CENOTE”. The arrangement of Cocoons allows maximum visibility to the natural landscape, in a quiet and reserved context. The complex provides natural pools, gym and kid´s clubs, conference hall, bar and restaurant, and autochthonous green areas destined to offer maximum rest and enjoyment.


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