Caldes de Malavella, Spain

Type: Commission
Program: Luxury Single Family House
Site: 1.324 m2
Built: 1.140 m2
Status: Built
Project: 2014
Construction: 2018
Budget: 2.2 mill euros

Located in a very quiet urbanization where you can enjoy the beauty of Girona, DNA creates three luxury residences encircled by a green landscape. This is an exciting new residential project offering several hiking paths in an enchanting setting, a golf course for sports enthusiasts and a wealth of other features.

DNA was searching for an architectural language of deep spaces and extensive windows, all in black and white. The dramatic linear views of the gardens are framed. Furthermore, the views of the greenery provide a sense of serenity and reflection to the inhabitants, while grounding them to their environment. The three residences were designed as an integrated experience of architecture, interior and landscape design.

Finally, the housing distribution, the swimming pool, the golf course next door, and the outdoor life make these properties a great paradise opportunity. Each residence is perfect for entertainment and family living, as they are equipped to the highest standard.

Living in this luxury development you can experience the special views over the swimming pool to the golf course and beyond. Beautiful garden areas allow to enjoy the pleasant climate of Catalunya.


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