Dubai, U.A.E.

Type: Invited competition
Program: Residential, Commercial & Turistic
Site: 5.023 m2
Built: 65.542 m2
Status: Design

Our shores support global trade and traditional livelihoods, coastal communities and delicate natural environments. DNA brings fresh thinking to port developments and waterfront projects to promote balanced solutions for our shorelines. Harbours, port terminals and transport links need continuous investment to respond to trends in global trade and developments in cargo handling.

Our holistic skills were fundamental for the transformation of Marina District – Dubai’s premier waterfront destination, and for the realisation of a long-term vision of urban renewal. The Marina District Waterfront Promenade particularly captures DNA’s ability to reshape marine structures to meet competing coastal concerns.

The high rise towers emerge from the low rise commercial podium, and provide singular usage for hotel and office premises. In the intersection with the low rise podium, functions are allocated accordingly to create maximum synergy between activities in the low rise zone and the towers.

The composition of the towers will intervene with its surroundings, yet will remain recognisable as a family of objects. The three bridges connect the two towers, and underline the concept of ‘neighborhoods in the sky’. These are commonly used spaces such as sky gardens and lounges, which afford the best views.



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